Are there any special types of transactions I should know about before I shop?

Some transactions are handled differently, so please keep these scenarios in mind.

Gas Stations

Paying at the pump will cause a hold of $60 and would require an available balance of this amount. If the available funds are less than $60, see the attendant to make a purchase in the amount desired.


Restaurants may verify you have enough money on your PayForward® Prepaid Visa® Debit Card before charging the card and may place a hold for the amount of your estimated bill including a tip. If there are not enough funds on the card, the transaction will be declined.


Hotels may put a hold for the amount of your estimated bill, making that amount unavailable for other purchases. When you check out, it may take a few days for the hold to be removed.

Auto Rentals

You may use your card for the final payment of a rental car bill. However, a credit card may be necessary to reserve a rental car.

Returning Purchases

Store return policies may vary. You may receive a credit to your card, a cash refund or even a store credit, depending on the particular store. A credit to your account may take up to one week to process before the funds appear in your balance.