Move money between your causes and your PayForward account

Transferring funds are immediate. No waiting time for funds to appear in the account.


1. Tap Wallet and log in again, if prompted.

2. Tap Transfer Money.

3. Tap Move money between accounts.

4. Select from which account to move the funds.

5. Select which account to move the fund.

6. Tap Transfer Funds.

7. Tap Confirm.


1. From the Wallet page, click Transfer Money.


2. From the Transfer Money page, click Move.


3. Select where you want to move funds from.

4. Select where you want to move funds to.

5. Enter the amount you want to transfer.

6. Enter a Memo, if you would like. It’s optional.

7. Click Continue.


8. A review page will appear. If everything is correct, click Confirm. If not, click Back and make your changes.


 9. Finally, a confirmation page appears. Click OK.