What happens when I earn cash back?

Whether you swipe a linked card, use an eGift Card, or shop online,* the cash back is automatically credited to your PayForward account. It will appear either in your Spending Account (ready to be spent) or in your Allocations (Other Accounts), depending on how you set up your account.

If you allocated your cash back to it to a personal savings or goal, the percentage of the cash back earned will transfer directly to that personal savings or goal.

If you did not allocate any or all of your cash back, then the money will appear in your available balance and ready to be spent immediately, transferred to your linked bank account, or sent to a PayForward member.

For example, if you allocated 60% of your cash back to a personal goal, then 60% goes to the goal while 40% would appear in your available balance. 

*For online purchases, your cash back will arrive upon merchant confirmation in approximately 30 days.