How do I earn cash back by scanning, swiping, or shopping online using a linked Visa® or MasterCard®?

Watch a quick how to earn cash back with a linked credit or debit card.

Simply link your eligible Visa® or MasterCard® credit and debit cards to PayForward® and use them to get up to 15% cash back at 1000s of participating merchants.

There’s no cost to link your cards, and you’ll be ready to earn cash back in approximately 1 hour! Plus, you’ll continue earning all your existing Visa and Mastercard rewards – so you’ve literally got nothing to lose!

Here is how to earn cash back:

Visit or use the mobile app to search for merchants or locate one near you.

1. Linked Card: Using a linked card as usual at a participating store/restaurant (What does it mean to swipe my card?)

2. eGift Card: Purchasing an electronic gift card (eGift card) in advance through or at the register on the App using your linked card or PayForward account balance. Then present your gift card to the store or enter the card number online. (What is an eGift Card and how do I use it?)

3. Print: Purchase an eGift card and print out the bar code. Show this to the cashier to complete your purchase. (How to print out eGift Cards)

4. Online: Shop online with your linked card through the PayForward Website. (How do I earn cash back by shopping online?)

5. Hotels: Earn cash back on your next trip by booking your hotel through PayForward. (How to earn cash back on travel)

IMPORTANT: Debit cards must be used as a credit card. Do not use a PIN. For more information, see Legal Disclosures.