How was PayForward started?

PayForward was founded in early 2013 by three accomplished businessmen. They wanted to find a way to revitalize America’s economy by helping families fund their priorities and live life to the fullest.

Through ingenuity, inspiration, and decades of business experience, the founders discovered a solution by creating a true partnership between companies, customers, and their communities through PayForward’s revolutionary Social Financial Platform®.

PayForward also provides a powerful marketing tool for businesses, reinvesting their advertising dollars back to their consumers through cash back on purchases. PayForward’s merchant partners organically reach more customers and inspire lifelong loyalty, while their customers use their cash back to support the schools, teams, nonprofits, and family causes that are important to them.

PayForward delivers a solid win-win for merchants, charities, schools, consumers, and the community alike, with an ever-growing commitment to:

  • Increase traffic and sales for local and national merchants with an unparalleled R.O.I.
  • Give cash back to consumers that they can keep for their personal use and give back to the charities, causes, and individuals that are important to their lives.
  • Strengthen the community by helping to fund their charities, schools, and organizations through cash back directed by our members.

Welcome to the World Beyond the Swipe.